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Best iOS Training in Jaipur with Live project experience. Candidate will get a great exposure in the field of iOS mobile app development as this course provides live project training with our experienced development team

iOS Training

This program has been designed for students pursuing/completed Graduation and software application developers who want to start developing iOS mobile apps and want to create future in iOS (iPhone, iPad) app development technology. However, anyone who is keen on learning how to develop iPhone/iPad apps can also take up this course.

In this course, we present Apple’s approach to mobile app design and development, as reflected in the design of the iOS platform, the ModelView-Controller (MVC) paradigm and iOS’s various high and low-level frameworks. Objective-C, the native programming language for iOS, is exposed and explained step-by-step.

The learning artefacts are in the form of live project work, one to one training with developer, eBooks, Slides with Audio, Exercises in between and difficulties faced by participants with regards to the subject matter will be resolved through collaboration with peers and an expert who will mentor the training.

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  • The Mobile App Paradigm
  • Introduction to Xcode
  • Main characteristics of mobile apps
  • Differences between mobile apps and desktop apps
  • How iOS is tailored to a mobile platform
  • iOS main components and services
  • The Mobile App Paradigm
  • Review of Intro to MVC
  • UIView and UIWindow classes
  • View Hierarchy
  • Transparency
  • Memory Management
  • Coordinate Space
  • Custom Views: Creating a subclass of UIView, Drawing with Core Graphics
  • Controllers: View Controller Initialization, View Life Cycle,


  • Controllers of Controllers
  • Coordinate Space
  • Obj-C vs. C++ vs. C#
  • Objects
  • Dynamic Typing and Binding
  • Classes
  • Foundation Basics: collections, enumeration
  • Memory Management Basics
  • Protocols
  • Views
  • Custom Views
  • Controllers
  • Controllers of Controllers
  • Recognizing and Handling Gestures: pinch, pan, zoom, swipe, and tap
  • UIImageView, UIWebView, UIScrollView, UITableView and UITableViewController


  • Property Lists and their limitations
  • Archiving Objects
  • Storing on the filesystem
  • SQLite
  • Core Data Framework
  • Using @propertys to access information
  • Xcode Generated Code for @property access
  • Querying data
  • Displaying Core Data data in Table Views
  • Fetch Request
  • CoreDataTableViewController
  • What is a block<
  • Block Syntax
  • Context and Scope
  • Memory Management in Blocks


  • Declaring variables to hold blocks
  • Shorthand in block definitions
  • Usages of Blocks
  • Grand Central Dispatch API
  • Creating and Releasing Queues
  • Putting blocks in queues
  • Getting the current or main queue
  • Textual content: UITextView
  • Keyboard control
  • Alerts & Timers
  • Core Media: audio, still photos and video.
  • Core Motion: accelerometer and gyro in apps
  • Uploading to the app store

Our key features


Industry Oriented

Curriculum designed along with large National Industry Partners + Guest speakers from Harvard University to Industry Partners.


Live Project Experience

Trainees will work on live projects as a part of the training program. 90% of each course involves "Learning by Doing" using state-of-the-art computers for performing hands-on exercises and real-world simulations..


Leadership Skills Development

We are passionate about the power of good leadership and management to transform people and organisations. We believe that, with the right training and development, everyone can be a better leader and manager..


Soft-skills Development

Strong Soft Skills, Client Handling skills, Personality development skills, working in teams, presentation & communication skills.


One-on-One Training

We believe in one to one training and so we follow this practice, we understand it is very hard to manage a class of n number of students for us and deliverables are always messy for both, delivering and receiving end


Assured Paid Work Experience

We will provide assured paid work experience certificates to our each and every trainee after successfully completion of the training.


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