What Our Clients Say About Us


Have a look at some of the testimonials and know what our clients think of our quality of service

“It provides best IT training and good working place for employees. I enjoy working here as an iOS Developer, learning lot of from my Manager, Boss and my co-workers.”

"Good on you, Team iSKylar"

Nikhilesh Buldak (iOS Developer)

“this the place place where you find the best things in the industry best place in jaipur for learning”

"Good on you, Team iSKylar"

govind pareek (Business development manager )

“Professionalism, expertise and excellent service by coders made the entire process comfortable and a pleasant experience, Also provide best training in jaipur. 5 STARS to him. I highly recommend this company.”

Naveendar Singh (Php Developer)

“I have gained a professional experience and valuable lifeskills from here. It's true that I am improving my Android designing and development skills day by day, whether from deadlines or pressure doesn't matter. iSkylar provides a friendly enviroment and understanding collegues coz of which I never hesitate to ask any queries, doubts from lead and any team member of iSkylar. Currently, I am working here as a Junior Android Developer, but never felt like junior.”

Jitesh Sharma (Android Developer)

“I have been working nearly for a year here at iSkylar Technologies, I am so fortunate that I got opportunity to work with such good team and inspiring project manager. The company really has great working environment, learning place to boost the career and has many projects to work on.”

Patanjali Yogi (Android Developer)

“Amazing comapny all the employees and company environment is good.i have been here from 1 year i found the perfect company with lots of experience and learning .thank you iSkylar technology.”

Ramkishan Saini (Php Developer)

“It's been 6 months here and never felt like I am away from my home. Environment here be like you always want to have in any company. Thank you so much Team! 3”

Pinkey Sharma (Android Developer)

“One of the best company in IT industry for developing software skills....:*) ”

Priya singh (php Developer)

“This company really has great working environment, learning place to boost the career and has many projects to work on and learn more day by day . i hope u all wish to work with this company ..”

Mohit Singh Rathore (php Developer)


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